Explaining the Copytrading Treasury Mechanism

ApeGPT constantly evaluates its traders and their performance using a variety of criteria to decide who is worthy of being copy traded.

Factors taken into account are :

  • PnL (The overall Profits archived)

  • Moon 2 Rug Ratio

  • Risk Management

  • Average Profit per Position

If you qualify for our Copytrading mechanism you will receive your split of the copytrading profits automaticly once you close the position. Your percentage of the Copy Trading Profit is determined by your Token Tier. The remaining profits will be send to the reward sharing contract to reward $ApeGPT holders. Disclaimer: Trying to abuse the Copy Trading Mechanism by using ApeGPT's Treasury Funds as exit liquidity or intentional buying your own deployed Rug Contracts will result in a permanent ban from the Copytrading Treasury Mechanism as well as permanent ban from the ApeGPT Discord.

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