Official Roadmap for the ApeGPT Trading Bot

These Features may require a specific token holder tier to be used

Alpha Alert System

We will introduce on-chain alpha signals by keeping an eye out for lucrative wallet purchases, fresh wallet purchases, total launch volume, deployer wallet connections, funding sources, and other indicators.

ApeGPT Auto Trader

Automated trading system that buys new launches on autopilot based on user-specified parameters (e.g., minimum and maximum volume in the first minutes after launch, locked/burned liquidity, minimum liquidity, website/socials found in the contract, unique contract, maximum buy and sell taxes, funding source, etc.) and automatically sells at custom take-profit targets.

ApeGPT's Alpha Fund

Enabling deposits from users into our ApeGPT Copy Trader Fund, which copies the top ApeGPT traders. This gives users access to Onchain-Trading in a passive manner. A portion of the profits from the Alpha Fund will be subject to taxes and allocated to the Revenue Sharing Contract.

ApeGPT Community Funds

Giving community members the ability to set up their own copy trading fund and enabling ApeGPT users to automatically replicate fund transactions.

A portion of the gains that fund managers' followers make by replicating their trades will go to the fund managers.

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