📖Position Manager

Quick Explanation of the Position Manager

The position manager is a powerful feature of ApeGPT that allows you to manage your trading positions across multiple tokens on both the ethereum and arbitrum blockchains.

When you open the position manager, you'll see your ETH mainnet and arbitrum ETH balance, a drop-down menu of all your tokens, the ability to add tokens to your watch list, and the option to add a token to your watch list by buying it using the "Open Position" button. Also you can access the launch sniper menu and the copy Trading Menu from here.

Once you select a position, you can buy or sell the token, see your realized and unrealized profits, links to the token chart and some basic stats like token price in ETH and $ aswell as the market cap. In this Position view you can now buy, sell, set take profits, stop loss or setup limit orders

Take Profit Menu

You can add up to 6 different take profits. Either when a desired token price is archived or when your set multiplier is hit.

Limit Order Menu

You can set limit orders to buy the dip. Either depending on market cap or on token price in USD $

Stop Loss Menu

You can add a stop loss which will trigger when your stop loss percentage is hit.

After each executed order you will get a dm from ApeGPT notifying you about the execution of the trade.

Order Execution Logic

When opening the order, your average token cost determines how the take profit and stop loss orders are filled. You must provide the position costs if ApeGPT was not used to purchase the position.


You can use the "Flex" button to generate a flex image with your current profits.

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